• Do well in the modern world: master the core skills you need for success



To be successful in any field, we have to know how to learn - we have to acquire study skills. It sounds simple, but how many of us are active readers rather than passive ones? Or how many of us can search information properly? It is about effective learning - the essential foundation everyone must lay down.

We should realize that problems are actually cool. Problems provide us with feedback that helps us identify bottlenecks and fix everything that needs fixing. There is no a formula we can apply in any situation, but we can learn to be good problem solvers able to make better decisions.

In the time of constant change, we have to be able to make decisions much faster and ones of high quality, as our future depends on what decision we are going to make right now. Thus we have to acquire the skills we need to tune this process - to become good decision makers.

Organizing your studying process, working process, and other daily activities can help overcome procrastination and other factors that cause frustration and dissatisfaction. To be organized means to spend less time searching for information, correcting mistakes or doing routine tasks, and use it for doing productive things.

Without proper preparation, it is no use expecting outstanding results. Planning is such a preparation, which allows looking ahead and reaching a specific goal. Thus being good planners equals being successful in everything, as they can set goals, develop strategies, estimate time and effort they need, prioritize tasks and so on.


Critical thinking is not about spontaneous thoughts; it is about well-considered conclusions. It involves activation of your skills, knowledge, beliefs, and views. Before making up a conclusion, critical thinkers always try to understand the origin of some ideas, to see the entire picture, and find logical connections between them.

Do you think it is easy to put together a puzzle without knowing what we are going to get? To succeed, we need to know the whole picture - the whole system and its behavior. Systems are everywhere, and system thinking skills will help you make them function properly.

War strategies and tactics have become prototypes for various business techniques, aiming at winning small wars in the competitive environment. Strategic thinking is about understanding what you want to get and how to get it. Learn to work out a strategy to achieve your goal - be a winner.

Creative thinking skills have nothing to do with painting a portrait or composing a symphony. It is a process we use for generating ideas by changing or combining existing ones. But some barriers prevent us from thinking creatively, and it’s time to overcome them by being curious, seeking for challenges, and stop being afraid of weird ideas.

Generating ideas is a vital aspect of every business, but what if it’s great only on paper and no one needs it? The task of design thinking isn’t generating new theories or knowledge, its mission is to transform observations into insights, and the latter into life-improving products or services.