• Do well in the modern world: master the core skills you need for success

Adaptability for Success

Don’t miss the boat

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” - Rupert Murdoch, media mogul.

Nowadays, every action we take, both at a personal and professional level, leads to inevitable and swift transformations. Tomorrow won’t be like yesterday anymore. In order to maintain our positions as experts in particular areas, we must take steps towards adaptability.

Robert Shea, an American novelist, once said, “Individuals who cultivate a variety of skills seem brighter, more energetic and more adaptable than those who know how to do one thing only.”

It sounds like the answer we are looking for. Knowing how to do one thing is an out-of-date attitude. We have to ‘cultivate’ new skills in order to survive and adapt in a world of continuous change.

Get flexible

But which skills should we focus on? The short answer is: the basic skills which will lay the foundation of effective performing in every field of our lives. With the help of these skills, individuals will have to learn only some missing elements when they start something new; otherwise, without these basic skills they would have to start from scratch, every time.

There are no two individuals with the same disposition and abilities. Everyone expresses his or her individuality. Some people enjoy every change in their routine and look forward to something new.

Unfortunately, there is a only handful of these naturally adaptable people. A vast majority of employees are the ones who prefer to stick to the list of their duties. They do not like, or are not ready, to do something outside the lines. This is not to say that these employees are unfit to be a part of the organization; it just means that they have to be encouraged and motivated in a way that works for them.

The leadership team has to boost their employees’ engagement in the culture of the company. Creating a curious, resilient workforce — one that is ready to react and quickly adapt — is the keystone to business success.

Building this solid “bench strength” ensures continuous movement towards the goal of the company. “In business, unexpected occurrences happen all the time – from critical employees choosing to leave the organization, to market shifts and family or team members falling ill,” said Russell Glass, CEO of business marketing company Bizo. “It is crucial that a company have people within their organization who can take the reins in any situation so that they can ensure continuity and effectiveness.”

Reconsider your strategy - score a success

According to the report The Future of Jobs of World Economic Forum, business leaders are already aware of the challenges they are going to face, but they do not hurry to act decisively. However, more companies are ready to invest in reskilling than those who are not – 61% against 39%.

Companies have to understand how they can harness human potential by reconsidering their organizational strategies and structures. Providing their workforce with crucial skills and putting their employees at the heart of company’s future planning are the first steps toward creating a resilient business in this new era.

One of the richest men in the world, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, said, “An entrepreneur is born with the mentality to take risks, though there are several important characteristics: courage, faith in yourself, and above all, even when you fail, to learn from failure and get up and try again.”

The game IS worth the stakes. In the world of business, these features are quite important if you aim at making your business prosperous.

There is only one scenario to do this: you take risks and put yourself on the cutting edge, or you leave everything in its place and gradually get left behind.