• Do well in the modern world: master the core skills you need for success


“We use only 10% of our brains.” “I’m a right-brained thinker, and you?” “I can’t stand lectures - I’m a kinesthetic learner!” Are you familiar with these myths? It’s time to debunk them and start selecting information before using it, especially in a teaching environment.

What affects learning? A teacher? The quality of textbooks? And what about the effects produced by our nutrition, sleep, and exercise? Educational neuroscience is here to build a bridge between science and education, avoiding misinterpretations, to improve learning techniques.

Have you ever admired people who usually succeed in most things they do? These people are charismatic, caring and always ready to help; they seem to know what and how to say in every situation. Were they born like this? What’s their secret?

Possession of self-management skills lets us be at the helm of our lives, controlling our feelings, emotions, and actions. And if you are ready to change yourself, your habits, to learn to manage our time wisely to overcome procrastination - you can get as productive as possible and enjoy whatever you do.