• Do well in the modern world: master the core skills you need for success



It has become possible to enhance learning not only at a personal level or at the college where you study, but it is also possible to promote effective learning all over the world!

Are you someone who wants to become a part of it? Do you want to share your ideas and help us make effective learning available for everyone?

Y Skills Institute teaches the skills that people need in the modern world. Because of constant change, people can’t be passive. They must be focused on self-improvement.

Thus we strive to provide useful content to everyone who wants to move with the times. We only offer the best materials from well-known authors, as well as useful links, multimedia, and other valuable information.

We are promoting the works of leading authors who are exploring relevant topics in order to make them available for use by people in their everyday lives.

Y Skills Institute is looking for volunteers. If you are a proficient English speaker and directly connect to academia, as a student or teaching staff, we invite you to join us.

You’ll have a splendid opportunity to take part in creating unique materials by collaborating with leading experts, including recording interviews and video lectures.

Your help is a major step towards our common goal – providing people with basic skills needed for any intellectual work, such as focusing, memorizing, structuring and using information.

So if you are interested in our offer of collaboration, please, email us on info@y.institute with the subject “Volunteering” and say a few words about you – name, country, academy, the level of study, the level of English.